Since about 10 years a team of IT and electronics developers, under the leadership of Dr. Carl Svensson and Dr. Andrzej Machnacz, have been working on further developing external computerized communications with living organisms using internal biophoton cell signalling based on the intriguing theories and scientifical results proving the existence of physical biophoton transmissions handling inter cell communications in all living organisms on earth. These theories were earlier being evidenced mainly by Prof. Alexander Gurwitsch and Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp in the last century. Later on Prof. Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov practically proved it was possible to communicate with these biophotons emitted from living organisms by inventing a transistor diod trigger sensor and using spintronics electron up and down spin algorythms as a base for mathematical Fourier Transform calculations, to translate into computerized communications language, thus enabling to communicate with all kinds of biophoton signalling to and from all living organisms on earth.

                This technology today is the overwelming part in all kinds of advanced laboratory research work but its benefits have, in general, been ignored by all main stream health care institutions world wide as a not sufficiently evidenced technology to be used in health care. It is true that it is not a technology in line with the Newton Physics basic prinicples and cannot fit at all into his basic principles of physics. However, the Relativity Theory of Prof. Albert Einstein and the Quantum Mechanics Theory of Prof. Niels Bohr does not fit into the world of Newton's Principles either. However, we now know that our developed civilization of today would cease to exist if we would not lean upon the findings of, among others, Einstein and Bohr!!

                Initially the CyberDoktor holistic medical doctor team provided beta clinical testing of patients world wide using this new technology for about 7 years while Corp. was developing a new practical remote wireless tool to make this type of health care technology convenient and available for all mankind world wide at an affordable price. The Quantcorder was invented and this new technology, being industrial design protected and patent pending is now available in mass production. The Quantcorder is nothing alike anything existing on this earth, only to be found in science fiction such as the Tricorder in the Star Trek movie. The whole system is cloud based and communicate via a FCC approved Wifi connection unit to any hotspot terminal world wide, such as e.g. a smart phone or an access point.

                The Quantcorder is totally noninvasive and is, in principle, just "talking" to your neurons and other cells via biophoton light, electromagnetic and longitudinal wave signalling. How is that possible?? Many scientists world wide still doubt this is possible, many of them also because they are paid by the dominating healthcare cartels world wide to scare away patients from new low cost health care technics and to honor the traditional expensive Newton Physics based health care philosophies, because it is not in the interest of the existing health care players to let go their oligopols controlling all Newton Physics and Western School Medicine based health care systems!

                This conflict will be evident, more and more during the coming years, especially as all the public health care systems in the western world have been drained of financial resources due to recent pandemics taking most of the health care finances being planned for general health care as a whole and will not afford to further provide traditional 20ieth century so called Rockefeller Medicine!

                Why do we tell you all this background information? Well, it is obvious that our new health care analysis system will be heavily attacked as quackery, as fraud, you mention it and all kinds of attacks will be directed to stop our world wide expansion using this new technology. It is worth to bear in mind that, in principle, we change nothing, but only make doctor's diagnostics more reliable, giving them a certainty of probably more than 90% that drawn health diagnosis conclusions will be correct. As a reader you might probably ask yourself how is this possible? Well, it is not up to us to convince you. Below we are publishing several hundred scientific research reports, some supporting our technics, others questioning as well. We suggest you will make up your mind after testing our technology, because, at the end, it will be achieved results which will count, not academic discussions, we believe!!??

                A question always arising is whether this technology has been medically tested by the FDA?? The answer is that FDA do not test health care equipment, they only register. This registration praxis is called Class III medical devices registration and Prof. Nesterov registered the trigger sensor technique some years ago, but as the Quantcorder is rather a wireless communication tool that is why we have persued FCC registration of all, by law,  required wireless radio wave transmission components in our Quantcorder.

                At the end of this summary, we would like to inform those of the readers who do not know that what nowadays Quantum Mechanics research has revealed, concluding that the whole Universe, incl. ourselves, we are all waves tied together, not physical matter! We refer you to study Quantum Entanglement principles to understand these issues better. These principles have been presented by the Chinese about 4.000 years ago and the wave energy in Chinese is called Chi or spelled Qi. The Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on these principles which they developed having long time experience in curing human metabolic problems mainly by energy medicine. No wonder that very few people have died in China caused by recent years of pandemics, because of their advancements in Energy Medicine, the same goes for India, although a bit less efficient, but far ahead of the so called Western School Medicine dominating our western countries. 

                Popular Scientific Explanations 
                Below, you find a few Youtube links explaining the basic theories behind our Somatic Cell Nucleus Virtual Cloning/Screening procedures:


                Scientific References

                The prevailing so called Newton science was totally overturned on May 29, 1919, when Einstein Time-Space or sometimes called Space-Time Relativity Theory was physically proven during the total Moon Eclipse ocurring that same day. These findings totally changed science forever and the new following Quantum Mechanics Theory founded by Niels Bohr definitely changed the vision of how we now understand Universe is composed and functioning, incl. ourselves as human beings. These events and many more inventions to come over the years until today made it possible for our technical partners in Corp. and LLC to develop the revolutionary Quantcorder health care diagnostics and therapy tools which, we believe, will totally change the world wide health care approach to modern pragmatic and almost 100% surely defined establishment of actual health conditions within a few minutes by noninvasive interaction with all living organisms as we know them today.

                Below you will find a lot of references and links proving the science behind our technology, which might still take another generation to become the main stream health care system world wide?

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