About us

The Dial a Doctor medical home services concept was pioneered in Australia by Dr. Raisa Mayo already in 2010, with its first operations in Cairns, Queensland, and then grew to cover the Western State of Australia while moving its headquarters to Perth. These activities are now provided in Australia by Dial a Doctor Australia Pty Ltd, as AMDS home visits and tele-health operations. This concept has then spread to many other regions all over of the world and the Dial a Doctor concept became a global concept through the Dialadoctor.global Ltd., a world-wide organization based in Singapore covering all countries except Australia. The global outpatient sector is growing rapidly, especially with the present pandemics radically changing the way people prefer to get their health care services. Our specialty is to deliver remote health care directly serviced to homes thus avoiding contact with potentially contagious patients or staff in medical clinics or hospitals.

Dialadoctor.global licensed the existing Cyberdoktor technology for holistic remote health care and the unique Quantcorder remote wireless stick diagnostics system which is now revolutionizing all remote health care in a way which no one could imagine a few years ago.

The Dialadoctor.global concept is to be a one stop shop for any kind of health care services a person might need, this includes health insurance, diagnostics, treatment therapies, remedies, FSMP and dietary supplement products, etc.

Dialadoctor.global is entirely focusing on holistic integrative health care on its own and is not bound to any other health care operators and/or pharmaceutical companies.