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Most likely your life style is not in conformity with habits based on true science? Check below links and our blog before ordering a diagnosis from us!

Fact vs. fake – why don’t we trust science any more? | DW Documentary

The Most Massive Scientific Fraud Ever Committed In The US - By Author Jefferey Smith

Cancer Truth | Shocking Information - The Most Important Interview with Professor Seyfried

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A.I. Telehealth

Speak to our artificial "super" holistic medical doctor* at our  free A.I. Telehealth service at anytime. Worldwide. We help to identify your root illness.

* free of charge if you have Medicare insurance, others are billed a small fee

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Live Holistic Video Telehealth

For patients with severe health problems and metabolic syndrome diseases*. We identify the root cause of illness instead of the symptoms, and identifying the micro-nutrients your body needs to heal itself.

* charges may be applied or bulkbilled can be free of charge

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Doctor Home Visit

Book a doctor for a home visit*. Using the A.I. Telehealth makes booking hassle free & quick. Assistance is only a click away.

This service is not available in Australia, please contact  www.dial-a-doctor.au.com

* charges may be applied or bulkbilled can be free of charge

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Quantcorder + DNA Lab Test

For patients with severe  metabolic syndrome. We find the  root cause of your illness. Not just the symptoms. The micro-nutrients your body needs to heal itself are identified.

Nutrition Science Education Program

New! We are providing comprehensive remote video training courses introducing 21st century healthy lifestyle and nutrition knowledge.

The end result after ca 200 hrs of participation will enable you to achieve a diploma as a trained and certified holistic quantum biology dietician.

These courses are provided in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish languages, however most videos are provided in English with local language subtitles.

Welcome to book now for the autumn 2022/spring 2023 classes !!!

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After sending us back your DNA Samples expect your  Full Lab Test Results within 2-3 Weeks

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Dial a Doctor has helped 1 million+ patients with nearly 100% accurate diagnoses.

We use the Quantcorder + DNA Lab Test to provide accurate & affordable diagnostics to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since about 4000 years ago the Chinese have found that our bodies use energy fields to function. That energy is called Chi (Chinese Qi) and do totally govern our body functions.  During the 19th century the scientist Dr. Maxwell found that it is some sort of energy field governing our metabolism. Then a few more scientists during the 20-ieth century determined this is the fact and then Prof. Popp during the1970-ieth finally scientifically proved how the biophotons function and that you can even externally communicate with human cells. Then finally Prof. Nesterov built an optic transistor diode trigger sensor some 20 years later to communicate with the cells via a computer. The Quantcorder was developed during the last 10 years by Dr. Carl Svensson and Dr. Andrzej Machnacz based on that same technology as a simple wireless handheld device with both optically directed energy field waves and longitudinal omnidirectional energy power field waves as means of communication with human cells. There is no other such equipment available in health care today with such an accuracy. The usage is very simple and handy and it allows you to do all diagnostics at home via a hotspot internet connection. For further information, please check our blog and the attached scientifical reference library. 
Telehealth services (according to our extensive experience) will identify roughly 20% of patient illnesses. For the other 80% of patients, we will send you the Quantcorder to use +  DNA/RNA Analysis, to successfully diagnose our patients at more than 90% certaintly. We offer a money-back guarantee.
Telehealth  services last around 10-30 min. Once you receive your personal Quantcorder, expect diagnostics analysis results within 2-3 days.  For the DNA Analysis Lab Test, expect results 2-3 weeks from the time you send DNA/RNA samples to us.  Results can be checked via web app or by e-mail. 
The  Quantcorder is a device that uses Quantum Biology algorithms to analyze molecules in any living organism. The basic technology is from military technology and is used on the international space station. Accuracy is close to 100%. This technology represents the future of 21st century global health care. There are only a few people globally who understand this technology today. We estimate this technology to be commonly accepted globally and replace today's traditional western medicine around 2050. The Quantcorder and the way it functions is patent & industrial design protected. You may find more information in the attached blog on this web page, incl. a wast library of scientifical references.
Western modern healthcare, has been around for 100 years. It was founded by the Rockefeller dynasty after the first world war to make money on patented drugs. It is based on removing symptoms with patented toxic synthetic drugs. However, it does not find the source of health problems, thus allowing you to return to normal health. It is less profitable for the health & food industries to keep people healthy. The addiction to sugar & chronic health problems are in fact more profitable than a healthy population. If you follow the money, the profits made from sugar addiction, alcohol (the second most dangerous drug) & prescription drugs should make you question the current healthcare system. 
Absolutely. The father of medicine Hippocrates said  “You are what you eat” “Let your Food be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine be Thy Food". To return to normal health, there are no shortcuts when it comes to diet.
Our technology has been patented and industrial design protected so no one else can use it unless they will be licensed to do so. It is also unusual that a totally new and very money efficient technology in health care will quickly enter into the existing oligopolized health care systems if it means that the established health care players today, like the Big Pharma, Clinics, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers and Health Care Equipment Providers will loose revenues because patients will be cured by themselves and this will not generate any income for all traditional health care providers on the market. However, on the longer run, disruptive, efficient and low cost technologies will always win market shares at the cost of those static non-reformable giants which are today controlling and monopolizing this huge and lucrative health care business segment.
The answer is simple: Try us and verify that what we state is correct and if not, you always will have our money back guarantee to lean back upon!
Since the first world war, this expression "evidence-based" has been mainly highjacked as an expression articulated by the so called Rockefeller developed and patent-based synthetic chemicals industry, today called the pharmaceutical industry or just nicknamed the Big Pharma. What is really "evidence based" or not? It has been practized within the so called western science since thousands of years that evidence must be based on physical and mathematic formula calculations. The last basis was the Newton Theory until Einstein proved that the timespace Relativity Theory is more correct than the Newton Theory, which is wrong in its basic assumptions defining materia which does not really exist in that meaning Newton assumed. The Pharmaceutical Industry has defined the statement "evidence based medicine" totally differently: They have invented their own doctrine based on their own dogma rules where "evidence based" means fullfilling their own artifically created dogmatic rules and parameters having nothing to do with true science and modern physical laws based on latest known scientific evidence. This means that their philosophy is more a kind of "money talks" religion and has nothing to do with true 21st century interpretation of laws of science.
As you probably have heard about the cloning of the sheep Dolly in 1996? Dolly was cloned by Keith Campbell, Ian Wilmut and colleagues at the Roslin Institute, part of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and the biotechnology company PPL Therapeutics, based near Edinburgh in Scotland. That procedure is called a somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). We are doing the same thing but we are not physically taking away the cell from you, we are instead making a copy by doing a virtual somatic cell screening of your human body cells, it means we are taking out all the information we need to copy the cell nuclear content and make a virtual transfer of all that cell information in order to recreate you as a "virtual clone" into our computer system. It means that your cells are virtually "copied" this way which enables us to almost exactly establish your health situation! At present there is no better and more accurate technology in the world to establish your metabolic health situation. How we are scientifically doing it, please study all the enclosed scientifical references, it is a long story to explain it thoroughly! We are confident that this example will give you a better understanding of how we are establishing your health status!
The initial initiative of the One Health movement was to teach mankind that we all on this earth need to live and jointly develop One Health into a mutual harmony inbetween each other living beings on this planet. The brutal exploration and short term egoistic profiting of all earth resources in a way which is destabilizing the harmonic coexistence here on earth is threatening all life to get extinguished if we cannot create a One Health system which will holistically take care of us all together! Dialadoctor.global main goal is to look at life in a holistic way assisting mankind to achieve a joint One Health balance inbetween us and the surrounding environment giving all living beings a chance to live a One Healthy life in symbiosis with our planet.
This was the whole reason why idealists started the One Health movement to try to get some influence on how mankind can jointly work to correct our relationship with the mother nature we all are depending on. Unfortunately the lobbing of mainly gready multinational business operations are all the time interfering and trying to influence how we all should act in order to be beneficial for them, which does not mean the same as One Health for all of us! Today, specific economic interests are generally the cause of all diseases having its ground in a poisonous environment which starts with a world wide metabolic syndrome pandemics were all living beings, including plants, algaes, bacterias and viruses are the victims. 10.000 years ago no one died of metabolic syndrome diseases, then we either were starving, freezing or killing each other to death when trying to find nutrition enough to survive. Today we have overproduction of mainly heavily toxic nutrition killing us! Why?? Because nobody gets rich to produce nutrition the way nature does it! To get rich on producing nutrition you need to use disruptive technologies, which means you have to manipulate the environment to deliver something artificial which does not conform to nature's rules of evolution in full harmony. Instead to make money you must rape mother nature resources, modify them and cheat the consumer to believe the modified nutrition is healthy and natural while it is in fact the root of the existing world wide metabolic syndrome pandemic wave which is becoming more disasterous for each year!
There is only one way to do it. Hipporactes already about 300 years before Christ said: You are what you eat! Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food! This is still valid and will always be. You need to diagnose and analyze what nutrients are missing, to find out why and proceed to naturally cure yourself by eating natural healthy foods and take supplementing micro-nutrients. If you have deteriorated very much you might need special natural remedies like bloodthinning natural herbs or similar. Remember synthetic drugs never ever cure, they only hide the symptoms or falsely hide pain without curing your sick metabolism. Only YOU, yourself, in One Health harmony with nature can cure yourself. All other statements will always be false. Remember, a patented drug is only made to make money, not to cure! A patented toxic drug will never be necessary for you if you live in a true One Health relationship with nature. We are here to teach you and supervise that you will succeed in doing this!
The staff behind dialadoctor.global is quite engaged in Africa since many year. There is a huge need of modern rational and simple health care there. We have created a system where we all together can help to give health care assistance to poor sick people in need of help. You can support these efforts by purchasing DADPAY currency which we also participate into on 50/50 basis. For each e.g. EUR or USD you purchase DADPAY currency and give to charity, we are committed to do the same amount. Why in the form of DAD currency? It is a legal way for us to directly channel more value of services to the hands of people in need, to avoid middle men profiting on these transactions by us transferring resources instantly and directly over the Internet to local doctors and patients in need of health care. You will get a written settlement receipt into your personal DAD account of exactly how your and our joint funds jointly benefitted a physical person in need of health care.
We would say yes in theory...... but in practice quite frankly no. The reason is that the ethic rules set up are very noble and sounds good, but the top leadership is consisting of politicians, mainly from countries where corruption is the name of the game! So they talk with a two-edged tongue, it means their scientifical staff is very qualified and they mean well for mankind but the top management is only interested in projects where money talks......
You need to get diagnosed by a physician or dietist. Then depending on your health status, it might be needed to make some health tests. You can do all these tests at home. You can choose between only taking a somantic cell nuclear Quantcorder test or also make a full laboratory test based on four dna/rna tests based on small samples of your body, such as a few strands of hair, nails, salive and a drop of blood. It is important that no one else is either touching you or the samples before testing in order to avoid to compromise the test results. After testing we are providing you a signed prescription document which is attached to the FSMP delivery package to prove the authentity of the results which will be a base for requesting medicare and tax refunding of costs in those countries where this is a common practice.
Our way of assisting our patients is to find out the cause of your problems. It is called to have a holistic medical approach. We do not give you only 5 minutes to explain your problems to us, instead we thoroughly will examine your whole metabolism to find out the reason why you have problems and give you treatment and therapy advise. If you will thoroughly and very disiplined follow our medical advise you can expect, in general, more than 90% success rate. But all depends on your internal disipline to execute your regular intake of a correct diet and add on missing micro-nutrients together with other recommended life style changes!
Yes, our customer help desk service is working 24/7 to assist you! Just write your questions or request full assistance to fill in your order and we will do it for you and send an instruction how to pay or just click on the "pay now" button in that email we will send you once all data has been collected for you.
Yes, you can as long as you have internet access. We deliver services everywhere in our basic language which is English. Then, successively we are introducing language services in all major world languages, most of them will be available in 2022. You can check, when ordering our services, which languages are already now available. We always communicate both verbally and in writing in your language of choice, if available.
We are delivering modern medical services which stretch far beyond the so called western school medicine programs. We are not bound by local regulations which are tying the hands of physicians who want to find unconventional methods to cure their patients. We believe the western school medicine is the best available world wide in so called inpatient treatments, it is, in short, to take care of acute health problems by hospitalization. We also believe in that western school medicine has totally failed to cure patients from metabolic syndrome diseases. So, you may call our medical services to be a sort of Integrative Medicine Services, because we pick the best out of modern health care to service our patients!!
Yes, you can choose any doctor. You will always find a list of doctors showing their specializations and requested fees. You can choose any doctor you like, no matter from which country he is practizing as a physician.
Yes, you can but initially we do not deliver medical services in all languages, most popular is English language, but we increase the services in other new languages all the time to make all patients to feel comfortable in their relationship with our doctors.
Once you have chosen a doctor which is available in our webapp and paid for him, then a video streaming connection is immedeately popping up and connecting you with that same doctor. The length of the videoconnection is depending on your health status. Very often the doctor might need more health tests to make any definite conclusions and might ask you to make those tests and then revert to him again.
If your health conditions are fairly stable and your health problems are easy to establish you may except the results within one hour. If your health conditions are complicated based on severe metabolic syndrome degeneration, a full diagnostics report might take 2-3 days to conclude.
Dialadoctor.global is, by law, not allowed to cure any diseases at all! However our certified medical doctors with whom we are partnering all have got specific skills to diagnose and specific authorities to assist in curing your health problems. So, to conclude, you pick the medical doctor of your choice in our system and then he will treat your health problems to the best of his knowledge!!
Yes, we will refund you and no questions asked. We would, of course, be very glad if you told us why you are resigning from getting health care support from us.
We are very much influenced by the Traditional Chinese Medicine health care support programs. A true traditional Chinese medical doctor does not take any payments unless the patient is satisfied and feel to have had a positive outcome from his health care consultations or treatments. We believe in an honest and true long term relationship with our patients, if we cannot build up a mutual confidence in between each other, then we have to split and go separate ways.
Maybe, because we are only focused to assist our patients to get fully cured by a holistic medical approach, not to try to sweep the patient's symptons under the carpet with short term painkillers or symptom release synthetic drugs!
We believe seriousity is more important than slogans and PR in health care. We are sure to be the long term winners anyhow in remote health care services because only seriousity in treating and curing our patients will win in the longer run. Our satisfied patients are the key goals of ours!
Yes, we have a complete holistic health care package giving all needed health care incl. health dietic advise, remedies and inpatient hospitalization, which is included in our health care insurance programs. With other words a full one stop shop of a complete health care service program for you and your whole family!
In several countries you can get a refund of paid medical services performed by us. It is very complex to dive into these refunding programs, because they differ in most of the countries world wide. We recommend you talk to your local health care public insurance providers in your country to try to figure out what is doable or not.
Yes, we have, please contact us via email for specific offerings.
We do not recommend their products, if you can find other cheaper and efficient products from other companies, it is fine. The problem, in general, is to find medical grade products from professional producers which have top nutrition quality and efficiency. We also like the fact that their dosage advise is available via dial-a-doctor.info hot line 24 hrs per day. Scannutrition.com is the only company we know who can deliver exactly those supplements which the human metabolism will need to compensate lacking micro-nutrients in full.
Yes you can cancel at any time as per conditions stated in your insurance package.
Our concept basically derives from how the Australian health care system grow up in rural areas after the first world war when Telegrams and HF radio were the main tools in Australian rural health care. Then for Ambulance transports the famous Royal Flying Doctors were founded. We have for many years sent out small remote internet connected mini-clinics to the homes of our patients all over the world. Now, the start of the new era of the Quantcorder stick, which is a combination of all known medical diagnostics and treatment tools found on the market, we are confident that our achievements will fully satisfy our patients. Our Ambulance service module, remedy delivery service and help desks, both AI powered and manually operated 24/7 are giving you better services than what any 9 AM to 6 PM physical medical clinic can offer you.
We cannot offer you full success in being disiplined in following our dietary advises! It is very sad but in our experience about 50% of patients fail in fully disiplining themselves to strictly follow our dietary advises. It means that this fact always results in health complications and additional costs for those patients.
In general yes, more or less depending on where you are living. We cannot give you any general advise as the rules are changing all the time. You have to find out in each individual case.
No it is not more expensive because the raw materials in our dietary food recommendations are cheaper and all summarized together will cost, more or less, the same as you eat your "unhealthy" food today.
It means Foods for Specific Medical Purposes, and it is a combined partly prescribed completion of a healthy diet or a full complete healthy diet which is prescribed to you by physicians, dieticians or other medical specialists. In case you have severe metabolic syndrome diseases which makes it impossible for you to live a normal life without dietary restrictions you may apply for a FSMP prescription. Today, we see an avalanche of people falling into this category of diseases and those patients do quickly deterioate if they are not prescribed a healthy medical food intake program. This is probably the most dangerous tendency of all known health problems among all human beings on earth of today and threatens to extinguish the whole civilization of mankind.
Normally you will feel improvements already after 14 days, but all is dependant on how disiplined you will be in executing our doctor's therapy suggestions. Normally, the improvements are huge when you will strictly adhear our doctor's advice compared to no progress at all if you will not precisely follow the guidelines of our medical doctors.
We are so happy to serve you in Eastern Africa. We know are health care system fits perfectly well to your health care needs there. The pricing is always problematic, especially in countries where the average salaries are low. We have huge costs to deliver our services world wide and we understand that in some regions we are considered to be expensive. That is why we have introduced a charity and crowd funding system to bridge over that income gap. Please enter your personal details and apply for reduced rates support in our charity or crowd funding systems. We will always contribute ourselves on a 50/50 basis if you will qualify for any kind of financial support assistance being available there in these financial support systems!!
Yes, we will have both Mandarin and Cantonese languages available latest in 2022. Intially it will be with English language in China. English will be, in paralell, all the time be available also for the Chinese market.
Yes, we plan for introduction on the Korean market in Korean language latest in 2022.
We are planning to enter into the Japanese market offering our services in the Japanese language in 2022. We might be able to offer our services for the Japanese market in English before 2022. We will announce our possibilities in due time.
We plan to be covering these two languages on the South American market during Q3, 2021.
We are planning for Q2, latest Q3, to start our medical services in Boswana. It will be in English for time being.
We plan to roll out in Zulu language during 2022.
It is already prepared for launch in Q3 2021, maybe even earlier.
You are very welcome to fill in our application form under the Doctor's File and send a photo few photos of yours and we would most likely accept you, provided your are fulfilling all the requirements.
It is very difficult today to judge what is evidence based science or not. You need to carefully analyse how scientific research has been published. Please watch below Youtube link before you make up your mind! 
 What will happen if I do not keep a strict healthy diet?
Today, in most western countries the official health care systems are in ruins after commercializing their operations and more and more patients with metabolic syndrome diseases do not get proper care to recover, rather they are put on artificial survival by feeding them with syntethic drugs making them left as "zombies" and then put into special so called aged care institutions for a premature death by putting them on palliative treatment in order to save costs but still making profits for the Big Pharma. This can now be seen in the statistics how these realities provide a shortening of the average life time in several so called highly developed countries like the US, because there is no business in curing patients to become healthy as none of these multinational corporations can make large profits on people's healthy life style eating low cost healthy foods and taking healthy natural dietary supplementation.

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/CLQAUH2Ueyc